Brief  Case Studies-General

who-we-help The Council on Competitiveness, created an Advisory Board on Strategic Communications and Development to aid in its efforts to strengthen U.S. innovation and security, upgrade the Workforce, and benchmark national economic performance.  The Council is a 501(c)3 association of corporate CEO’s, university presidents and labor leaders. 

Kindmark, the premier provider of a complete end-to-end suite of web-based solutions to manage corporate giving activities for workplace giving programs, corporate grant matching, volunteer programs, special events management, and political action committee (PAC) membership and fundraising drives, asked PartnerCom to build an Advisory Board of community-minded leaders to help shape its mission and focus and to invest.

New Zealand organized an Advisory Board in the U.S. to counsel on and help attract investment, new skills, and technologies to the country. The Advisory Board has been so successful that the Prime Minister of New Zealand met with the Council while visiting the U.S. and our next meeting will be in New Zealand.

ORT, an organization which creates opportunities for people worldwide through educational empowerment and vocational development, retained PartnerCom to create an international Advisory Board.

The United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS), commissioned a Business Advisory Council to help enable the multinational organization to provide UN Agencies everywhere with the best technology, products and services from anywhere in the world

Cigna‘s Utility Advisory Boardcreated strategic alliances from suggestions of the Advisory Board, counselors agreed to sell the insurance giant’s new products, and one advisor (a CFO of a major company) decided to use Cigna to manage the company’s 401K plan.  The Advisory Board was so successful that the insurance giant asked PartnerCom to create two more, one on Marketing to Women, and one on Technology.

AMEC, based in England, is one of the world’s leading engineering, project management, and consulting companies, the Advisory Board examined international competition in North and South America, and strategized on how to maintain and gain market-share.

Brief  Case Studies-Banking

who-we-help-bankingPartnerCom also works with major banks.  We have gotten to know top private bankers because we delivered concrete results to these firms, i.e. by bringing in wealthy individuals (many of them women) to be counselors and subsequently clients. Our close relationship with the heads of these private banks gives us an inside track into the philanthropic interests of their clients.

Advisory Boards have been proven to not only help financial institutions learn about the competitive landscape, decide what products and services to offer, how to differentiate themselves from the crowd, whom to hire and how to grow, saving three to five years in marketing time and costs but also to bring in direct business quickly.

PartnerCom has repeat clients because we produce results.

Bank of America’s Philadelphia, Detroit, and Minneapolis area Advisors, friends, and businesses became clients of both the private and commercial bank  – including trust and estate planning services, customized asset allocation, recognizing tax sensitivity, alternative investments, etc.  The councils not only attracted private banking business from Advisors intergenerational families but corporate services as well.

Global Asset Management, a premier Swiss international asset management company, consistently focused on global investment opportunities for wealthy individuals, decided to create both East and West coast Advisory Boards to aggressively expend its US market as well as separate Boards for Canada and South America, as well as one on philanthropy.

Deutsche Bank/ Private Banks, The New York Council’s meetings resulted in new business and referrals.

Goldman Sachs Mid-Atlantic Women’s Advisory Council(for women in the $75-100 million range) netted two Advisors as clients.  The Advisors all committed to allowing their names to appear on the invitation and to bringing high net worth  couples to a cocktail party and speech by Abby Joseph Cohen-a Goldman Sachs economist.

Merrill Lynch created an Advisory Board of lawyers from across the nation to advise on private wealth management issues.  The lawyers made referrals/ warm calls.

Northwestern Mutual, one of our nation’s largest insurance companies, engaged PartnerCom to bring together the best thinkers on e-commerce for an Internet Advisory Board.  The CEO and COO were so impressed by one of the counselors that she was placed on Northwestern’s Mutual Board.

SunTrust/AMA, the largest regional bank in the Southern U.S. used an Advisory Board to consult on its move into the Washington D.C area market.  The counselors provided names for the head of the office, saving recruiting fees, and referrals/warm calls.

PartnerCom has also successfully found Corporate Directors for corporations, including Publisher’s Clearing House and A Children’s Place and for non-profits, including the Center for the Study of the Presidency, the Preservation Society of Newport County, and Kindmark.


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