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Upcoming OnBoard Bootcamps

Los Angeles, Late September

  • This day-long event is open exclusively to women
  • Registration fee: $1,500.00
  • Registration is open: to apply please send your bio to


The “boot camp” event was extremely helpful. For me personally, it was validating and therefore emboldening. I am convinced that I need to be laser focused on finding opportunities to serve on for-profit boards AND advisory boards. I now have a much better understanding of advisory boards, their objectives, their structure, and the important contributions they make.

Lin Coughlin, President, Linkage, Inc.

Upcoming OnBoard Bootcamps

Stay tuned for upcoming bootcamps.



Many thanks for your very instructional workshop. It was indeed most energizing and informative, truly a learning experience and an opportunity to meet some very outstanding leaders. Compared with my Army bootcamp days, I was not yelled at, not required to march with a heavy load, and was served with some of the best cuisine. I can handle this…
John Hwang, Associate Professor of Information Systems, College of Business Administration, California State University