Advisory Boards for Diversity/Women can assist the company to position itself more effectively with minorities and women.


Representative customers’ members can explain why you haven’t been able to tap into their business yet. Creating Advisory Boards help companies anticipate the $3.3 trillion women’s market which accounts for 50% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.

Swissotel and Avis Rent-A-Car created Women’s Advisory Boards because women are the fastest growing segment of business travelers. Women were the fastest-growing segment among business travelers in the U.S., according to a 2011 report by Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. In 2010, women accounted for almost half of all business travelers, up from 43 percent in 2003 and about 25 percent in 1991.

Swissotel’s Women’s Advisory Board recommended that the 19-property hotel group increase security programs for women, assure desirable seating in restaurants, spa and light cuisine be available, and hours for the health club and fitness centers be longer.

CIGNA realizing that women are the major decision makers in their products and services, created a women’s advisory board to discuss new insurance packages, the growing inversion of home and office, technology trends, new markets, ideas and much more.

Avis uses their Advisory Board to continually take the pulse of this highly important market segment and then implements the feedback, ideas, and suggested enhancements in their service presentation design. Some of the recommendations of the Avis Rent-A-Car Women’s Advisory Board were to make women business travelers feel welcome, including friendlier signage, lowering sections of the counters to place bags on while taking out driver’s
licenses, documentation, etc., and making the office area bigger and more private. They also suggested providing UPS and ATM service, and co-branding with convenience stores for sodas and sundries, ideas that will serve as competitive advantages in attracting all customers. not just omen.

Avis wants to stay ahead of where the customer has gone. If we hadn’t used the Women’s Advisory Board as part of our process, we would have missed some important ‘hot buttons’ regarding the best way for Avis to serve the female business traveler.

-Ron Masini, Former Vice President of Product Development for Avis.

Coors Brewing created an Advisory Committee to assist the company to position itself more effectively with minorities and women. This Advisory committee proved to be invaluable to both Coors management, its top staff, and the Coors family. Each of the members of this nine-member Committee was highly qualified within his or her own area of expertise; in addition, six represented a diverse gender and racial mix. They were able to direct Coors into arenas that they had not previously considered. Because of their gender and racial diversity, the committee was able to frankly discuss ways that the corporation could reach new markets. The members openly discussed obstacles that needed to be overcome, new market opportunities and different ways and approaches that they felt would benefit Coors. At the conclusion of the three-year long Advisory Committee, Coors established a corporate board of directors that included members from outside the Coors family.

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