In a fragmented and competitive world, design, like lifestyle, is one of the differentiating factors – especially with all the cost-cutting, technological advances, and increases in quality.

PartnerCom-Advisory-Boards-innovation-designCEOs of leading companies including P&G, Apple, Sony, Dell, Nike, and Whirlpool, convinced that innovation and design can make or break products, are focusing more on aesthetics and styling.

Your company should consider creating an Advisory Board on Innovation and Design (as P&G has) to obtain outside ideas.  The purpose of this Advisory Board could be to place value on design as a way of thinking in order to promote innovation and enhance the customer experience at every level, from product design to packaging and marketplace presentation.

An Advisory Board would provide your firm not only an opportunity to work with people that would be very expensive to hire, but also the chance to place them together with brand managers for catalysis. The Council, which could have two to four meetings a year, should combine leaders in their fields who are “top of their game.”

For instance:

  • A top exec from Nike, Whirlpool, Apple, Sony, or Dell
  • The President or a top Executive from a premier industrial design company
  • The Curator of Design at a major museum
  • A top designer who now heads a College of design
  • A top car exec and designer

At the meetings, brand managers can give briefings on a problem or success and then pose specific questions to the Advisors to obtain their individual and collective views.  Counselors can review marketing plans and designs.  You and your top team can benchmark with the Counselors on best practices such as having professional designers on more project teams, including design sensitivity in more activities, expanding design into strategy and products by getting involved earlier, creating a strong formal design function, having a “Design Audit” and much more.  Learn new ways to tap into the innovations and imagination of customers – which can result in faster development of products better suited to their needs.

As with any well-managed Advisory Board, the dialogue continues in between meetings with e-mails and phone calls. PartnerCom, creates and manages Advisory Boards for companies globally.  We can strategize with you on how to form an Advisory Board that would meet your objectives.

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