PartnerCom creates and manages advisory boards.


PartnerCom-Advisory-BoardsAdvisory boards help your business grow.

Advisory Boards are personalized Braintrusts for your business. We recruit outside professionals in your field or a target industry you’d like to learn more about, and then lead the Advisory Board to get the most out of these strategy sessions.

Great Advisory Board meetings don’t just happen.

They are designed.  Focus is important.  Many companies outsource in order to concentrate on what they do best.  As in designing a product, you don’t just build it.  PartnerCom’s core function is to create and manage Advisory Boards.  We can strategize with you to achieve targeted results, secure members, work with your team creating agendas, help facilitate meetings, write meeting notes, and handle communications and mailings to the Advisors.

Our first step would be to discuss with you and your team areas targeted for growth, departments which you would like to get more outside advice, and general intellectual capital and social capital needs you have. Then PartnerCom can create a matrix of experienced candidates from diverse backgrounds. These proven experts will be able to:

  • Speed the growth of the company.
  • Share relevant market information and identify new markets.
  • Introduce the company to useful contacts.
  • Identify, evaluate, and assist in hiring and mentoring new talent.
  • Pinpoint opportunities for strategic alliances and partnerships.
  • Obtain and leverage capital.
  • Differentiate from the competition.
  • Help make informed decisions on technology.

If your company is preparing to go global, PartnerCom, which has created Advisory Boards on five continents, can augment the Advisory Board with counselors who have built businesses globally.  They will help to:

  • Position the company in the world economy and open the right doors.
  • Inspire managers to think more creatively and to respond effectively to change.
  • Link knowledge across borders by providing advice on developing learning competencies
  • Improve customer experience and relationships.

In our speed-driven economy, one great idea at the right organization can make the difference between market dominance and stagnation.

To obtain these exciting ideas, an increasing number of companies, countries, and organizations are creating Advisory Boards to increase brainpower and contacts. The new “coin of the realm” in the world economy is social and intellectual capital (what you know and who you know).  PartnerCom can help you build boards with social and intellectual capital.

These councils save you time and money.  They have bottom line impact.  Outside experts can both spot vulnerabilities you can address and opportunities you can capitalize on.  For growing companies Advisors can both invest their own money and fundraise.  Advisory Councils can be valuable assets without conflicting with the Corporate Board’s appropriate governance.  The counselors provide non-binding exploration of ideas.

PartnerCom has repeat clients because we listen, understand current and future needs, and deliver the desired results.

We have worked with a diverse range of clients on 5 continents.

PartnerCom has  created advisory boards across the country and worldwide. PartnerCom is a woman owned and run firm, which is committed to diversity in gender, ethnic and professional backgrounds.

We will strategize with you to target goals and the right Counselors.  We can secure the members, work with you to create agendas, help facilitate the meetings, write summary reports, and handle all communications with the advisors.  We can make the Advisory Board process Turnkey for you.  We use our extensive expertise and knowledge to provide you personalized service.

Ideas without action are not worth much.  That is why leading organizations use PartnerCom

We are so client-focused and result oriented.  We work with you to identify your needs, find the right experts who can anticipate tomorrow and help you navigate change, and handle the communications with the advisors.

New thinking and connections are always needed!  PartnerCom has the access and the ability to assemble the right group of diverse men and women  of all ages and ethnic heritages as Directors and Advisors.  We have the insight and understanding to complete assignments – thoroughly, quickly, and effectively.  PartnerCom understands the importance of accountability and discretion.

Advisory Boards are not one-time focus groups.  They provide a continuing dialogue with counselors.  In addition, the advisors look for opportunities to bring in new friends and funds.  There are strategic advantages to this proven, low-cost method of obtaining cutting-edge advice and fundraising.

Business Advisory Boards

PartnerCom-Business-Advisory-Boards-Unlike a Corporate Board, an Advisory Board can be what the company needs it to be at each cycle of the firm.  Counselors will think strategically and add value throughout your company’s development.  PartnerCom will provide Counselors who have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that match the needs of your organization.

By making the Advisory Board a one year term, you can change counselors as your needs do.

In these tenuous times, management needs to be able to respond nimbly to an avalanche of information from around the world to succeed.  We can only do so with the help of expert eyes, ears, and minds.

Advisory Boards are a promising resource for both Corporations and candidates.  They are a forum for talent and new thinking without risks and liabilities.  Good candidates are turning down board offers. They don’t want the fiduciary or legal responsibilities, much less the expense of personal D&O Insurance.  Top talent is joining Advisory Boards for the intellectual and social capital minus the possible liabilities. This is good news for corporations that are struggling to bring in new talent and thinking, but are bogged down by the new requirements of corporate governance. Advisory Boards can be assembled quickly to meet the needs of the company.

Creating an Advisory Board involves finding experts who can not only generate ideas, but can provide advice on how to execute them.

Intellectual and social capital (what you know and who you know) is the “new coin of the realm.” Advisory Boards bring this capital together efficiently, inexpensively, creatively, and with focus.  The counselors can concentrate on advice  – both for strategy and execution. They serve as a catalyst to reach beyond what individuals bring to meetings.


PartnerCom-global-solutionsAdvisory Boards are becoming increasingly important as the world becomes more global, and leaders must adopt a broader perspective.  If the Advisory Board is global, the Counselors are on the ground – whether in Europe or the U.S. or globally. They can provide a local point of view and pave the way for effective penetration of new markets.

These multinational councils are closer to the community than official boards, and can provide the crucial link between business and society.  Councils are less expensive and more efficient than expensive reputation building campaigns.  If a company is expanding into new areas, carefully chosen Advisory Board members who will spread the word can be a better option for raising local profile than expensive ad campaigns.

Advisors use their contacts, clout, connections and acumen to open doors to new networks.  They help organizations manage their reputations and to go “glocal” (to expand globally, but to know and adapt to each new milieu so intimately that you become local, recognized, and most importantly, trusted).  These councils provide tailored responses and ideas to each organization.  Off the rack solutions, like bargain basement clothes, rarely fit anyone.

Good thinking and sound judgment are key to providing appropriate road maps and to ensure you don’t under-imagine.   An Advisory Board composed of people with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds who seek to expose the see the positive as well as the negative of major decisions can be a competitive advantage.

Around the globe, organizations are turning to Advisory Boards to generate the great ideas for strategy and implementation that can mark the difference between market domination and stagnation.   PartnerCom, creates and manages Advisory Boards worldwide, and has helped Fortune 500 corporations, multinational organizations, a country, growing companies, and other clients.

For more information, please review this study on Advisory Boards from a major Canadian Bank.

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